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Grenadilla, Inc.
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Los Angeles, CA 90069
United States
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Leon Pascucci’s track record of service demonstrates a consistent commitment to his community’s improvement. In Palm Springs, California, Leon Pascucci works with the AIDS Assistance Program. Additionally, Leon Pascucci has volunteered as Trustee of the National Association of Music Merchants’ (NAMM) Museum of Making Music Board since the 1990s. Leon Pascucci’s love of music has also expressed itself philanthropically through previous involvements with the National Bandmasters Association, the National Association of Band Instrument Manufacturers, the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra, and the National Association of Music Merchants Trade Show Advisory Committee.

Leon Pascucci remains charitably involved in areas beyond music as well. A past member the Kenosha County Historical Society Board of Trustees and a current member of the Kenosha Area Business Alliance Board of Directors, Leon Pascucci is President of the Kenosha Visiting Nurse Association Board of Directors and past President of the Armitage Academy Board of Trustees. Leon Pascucci supports educational endeavors around the country, including Kenosha’s Carthage College Fine Arts Advisory Committee and Boston’s Berklee College of Music Board of Visitors, and has championed the City of Kenosha Sesquicentennial Committee.

Leon Pascucci earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Ripon College in Wisconsin. From 1975 until 2004, Leon Pascucci distinguished himself at the G. Leblanc Corporation. Leon Pascucci joined the musical instrument manufacturing firm as Vice President of Advertising. Through 29 years of remarkable service, Leon Pascucci ascended to the roles of President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

Leon Pascucci left G. Leblanc in 2004 and founded Grenadilla, Inc. shortly thereafter. Grenadilla, Inc. is an investment management firm that Leon Pascucci spearheads from Los Angeles, California. Concomitantly, Leon Pascucci continues to direct Leon Pascucci Interior Design. Leon Pascucci founded the residential and commercial design company in 1975, the same year in which he completed his formal education and began with the G. Leblanc Corporation.

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