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Scottsdale, AZ 85258
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Just as a corporation's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is charged with directing the company's finances, Robert Zakian, founding Principal of Guardian Wealth Management, oversees his clients’ assets, viewing himself as their personal CFO. For over 19 years, Robert Zakian has advised clients on many details of various financial situations in the interest of helping them plan for their future. Promoting integrity and transparency, Robert Zakian is primarily concerned with the satisfaction of his client base. Robert Zakian has seen clients become frustrated with their finances to the point where they are less aware of other, more important, life obligations. For these clients, Robert Zakian applies his own Family Harvest Process, Guardian Wealth Management's system of examining and optimizing the efficiency of a client's finances. While applying this system, Robert Zakian urges his clients to focus more on their families, friends, and other less stressful pursuits. Presenting complex issues in an understandable and organized manner, Robert Zakian breaks financial matters into four categories: tax, legal, investment, and insurance. Robert Zakian instructs his clients on addressing concerns in each area, then combines the four strategies to formulate a plan for his clients’ financial future. Since founding Guardian Wealth Management, Robert Zakian has taken pride in the financial guidance he has provided to his many customers.

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