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A highly successful businessman and real estate investor, Chuck Horning maintains a role as Chairman of Newport Federal, a family-owned company based in Newport Beach, California. Chuck Horning established the company in 1970 and has since expanded the institution’s holdings to include destination resorts, hotels, ranches, health facilities, commercial properties, and assisted living communities. According to Chuck Horning’s mandate, Newport Federal rarely takes on investors, as the organization prefers to maintain a focused and manageable portfolio, utilizing only its own funds to expand holdings. Moreover, Chuck Horning chooses to purchase properties that have the potential to increase in value over the long term, a strategy that has not necessarily been employed by other real estate investment firms. A large portion of Newport Federal’s success is due in part to Chuck Horning’s awareness of the danger of secondary markets. Consequently, Chuck Horning dispenses assets in these markets whenever possible, streamlining an already excellent business model. In the early 2000s, Newport Federal experienced marked growth under Chuck Horning’s leadership, acquiring $90 million in Southern California real estate over a period of only three months. Among the successful deals Chuck Horning brokered, the purchase of Commercial Plaza in Newport Beach proved to be a particularly worthwhile venture. An 18-building, low-rise office park, Commercial Plaza resides in a bustling portion of the city, a sought-after location for many businesses. Undergoing a renovation prior to Chuck Horning’s purchase, Commercial Plaza is home to several highly regarded law firms and real estate companies, as well as numerous other service providers. An astute negotiator, Chuck Horning immediately recognized the location as an excellent investment opportunity. Noting that the office park was filled to 80 percent of its capacity, Chuck Horning obtained Commercial Plaza, adding to the long list of Newport Federal’s excellent investments. During this time of notable expansion, Chuck Horning also acquired the Anaheim Corporate Center and the Cypress Pointe Office Parkland. Although still deeply involved in Newport Federal’s daily operations, Chuck Horning currently enjoys the fruits of his success, spending time on a family ranch nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

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