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Based in Woodside, California, painter Susan Z. Breyer draws her inspiration from the inherent power of nature, creating striking landscapes and abstract representations of moving scenes. With an eye for strong colors and remarkable textures, Susan Z. Breyer is informed by a number of artists, including her mother, impressionist Carolyn Zaroff, and her teacher, Ning Hou. Susan Z. Breyer is moved by the clarity of Van Gogh and the sensuality of Monet, and strives to include these qualities in her own work. When Susan Z. Breyer paints, she listens to impassioned music, allowing the melodies and rhythms to move her hand and translate the emotion into visual representation. Patty Griffin, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, and Susan Tedeschi are among Susan Z. Breyer’s favorite vocalists and lyricists. Often, Susan Z. Breyer works with her fellow Woodside-based painters Marina Marguet, Louise Stroe, and Justine Stamen-Arrillaga. Whenever she has the opportunity, Susan Z. Breyer paints alongside her mother in the open air. Susan Z. Breyer is a graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Business School. Before deciding to pursue painting on a full-time basis, Susan Z. Breyer built a successful marketing career. Although Susan Z. Breyer’s former work was intellectually challenging, it did not allow her the creative freedom she enjoys as a painter.

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