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Focusing on the engineering methodology of kite design, Jeroen Breukels aims to tap the wind as a source of sustainable and potentially limitless green energy. Jeroen Breukels is a native of the historical city of Arnhem in The Netherlands. Graduating with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from the renowned Delft University of Technology, Jeroen Breukels is presently enrolled in the doctoral degree program for aerospace engineering at the cutting-edge university. Jeroen Breukels, along with his fellow doctoral students and members of the faculty at Delft University of Technology’s aerospace engineering department, direct their research efforts toward the Laddermill concept of high-altitude wind power (HAWP) generation. The Laddermill idea involves the use of a series of sophisticated kites attached to a loop that runs from the ground up to high-altitude wind currents found at 30,000 feet. According to the concept, by connecting the kites to a continuous loop and using the powerful and steady wind currents found at high altitudes, the Laddermill will tap into the energy and convert it into kinetic energy to power electrical generators. Thus, the kite is angled to climb upwards until reaching the top of the loop, and then angled to descend down to the bottom of the loop, all driven by the force of the wind current, causing the loop to rotate and drive a generator on the ground to supply electricity. Jeroen Breukels has developed a computer modeling program that runs on a laptop computer to assist in the development of kite designs that could have practical applications for the Laddermill project.

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