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Founded in 2006 by Ellisa Brenneman, Ethos 360 takes its name from the 360-degree perspective the firm applies to providing clients with business planning and consulting services. Based in Portland, Oregon, Ethos 360 strives to fuel entrepreneurialism through customized business plans and a wide array of planning solutions. Because Ellisa Brenneman and her team have dedicated themselves to providing innovative business planning services, Ethos 360 has a substantial track record of client success. By applying statistical research and data collected during the analysis of thousands of funded business plans, Ethos 360 developed a unique formula for creating business plans that lead to funding. When implemented by the company’s team of writers, researchers, financial modelers, and award-winning business administration specialists, the solutions offered by Ethos 360 consistently result in long-term success. Ethos 360 combines business plan development with honest advice and transparent consulting to create the solid foundations on which successful businesses are built. In addition to helping entrepreneurs secure funding with customized business plans, Ethos 360 offers a wealth of services to propel businesses to the next level. From assisting with logo and website design to handling public and investor relations, Ethos 360 offers a suite of services to help each client create and maintain a positive corporate identity and unique presence in the market. Because successful communication is such an important part of business, the writers at Ethos 360 work to capture each client’s unique message and deliver it clearly and succinctly to the people who matter. In less than five years, Ethos 360 has contributed to the success of businesses across the country. More information about Ethos 360 is available at

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Trequan Jawice Rating Given: *****
"Me and my partners interviewed about 4 or 6 business planning consulting firms. We needed the plan to raise money for our record label and post production holding company. We got 5 artists under management ripping it up. I was in charge of finding a company to write the plan since my partners were courting the highprofile investors. Most firms charged way higher than Ethos 360 and didn’t have the experience. No complaints here and we glad we choose

Peace Out,
Trequan Jawice

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Frank Nasser Rating Given: *****
"My name is Frank Nasser. I’m a paralegal at a law firm in Washington, DC. I was tasked about a year ago with finding professional business plan writers to handle the influx of international clientele seeking immigration into the United States under the EB-5 investor visa program. The applications we prepare for our clients undergoing the EB-5 program all require a very in depth business plan that is custom to the specific needs of each case.

Ethos 360 is the ONLY company we refer clients to"   more...

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Barry Bradley Rating Given: *****
"Just wrapped up our third business plan with Ethos 360 after working with them for close to two years now. All the business plans have been for real estate investment funds in different states- Florida, Georgia and Michigan. Two of the funds are fully subscribed with investors and the third is just getting underway.

The Ethos 360 staff has been professional, personable and very knowledgeable. We benefitted greatly from their experience and expertise. The first plan was quite difficult, since"   more...

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