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Indiana University
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Purchase, NY 10577
United States
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Set to begin her senior year of college at Indiana University, Nicole Pitiger is currently working toward her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Business. A talented student and dedicated community member, Nicole Pitiger combines her love of helping others with her academic life through participation in some of her school’s philanthropic events. In addition to taking part in school events such as Indiana University’s Habitat for Humanity 5K run/walk event, Nicole Pitiger has donated her times to other community organizations, including Brant Lake Camp, Parkinson’s Unity Walk, Maria Ferari Children’s Hospital, and breast cancer awareness initiatives such as Tickled Pink and GoPINK. Nicole Pitiger also supports Purchase Community House, the Gambino Medical and Science Foundation, Congregation Emanu-El, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. In her limited spare time, Nicole Pitiger relaxes with hobbies such as shopping, yoga, sewing, and playing a variety of sports. Nicole Pitiger also enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and two Portuguese water dogs. When she’s not attending school in Bloomington, Indiana, Nicole Pitiger resides in her hometown of Purchase, New York.

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jhone do Rating Given: *****
"so basiclly i just have 2 say u ppl r very bad ppl, this vidoe is a un humen thing 2 do, i have no idea what this poor child has done 2 u guys 2 make u say such nasty nasty things.
i guess u must b raelly hurt b her 2 bring out this kind of nature.
i hope somthing really bad will happen 2 all of u, u know what, given the fact i had army traing and had killed more then 1 humen beeing in my life (during duty), i hope i can find some of u"   

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NicoleCan'tHide Rating Given: *****
"So THAT'S why her nickname is "Puddles"! (And why her full nickname is "PissPuddles")"   

Tags: Nicole Pitiger piss puddles Detail

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Kasey Rating Given: *****
" guys are so mean! I don't even know this girl and I feel so bad for her. So what if she made a mistake, you guys need to lay off and leave her alone!"   


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Boner Rating Given: *****
"That video was awesome. I would totally bang you on that piss-covered bathroom floor. I would even let you suck my dick afterwards. "   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"If I were you I'd be pretty pissed off about a sex video of myself being on the internet."   


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