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Arie Genger is a businessman who successfully managed multi-billion dollar companies in the United States and Israel.

Genger was born in Israel but moved to the United States to pursue his formal academic career. He earned a BA in Economics and Business Administration in 1970 and an MBA in 1972 from the City University of New York (CUNY).

Mr. Genger was hired as the assistant to the Chairman of the Board at The Rapid-American Corporation. After showcasing his managerial talents, Genger was promoted to President of McCory Corporation, a chain of retail stores wholly owned by the Rapid-American Corporation. The McCory Corporation experienced a complete financial turnaround under Genger’s business leadership and management.

Genger founded Trans-Resources Inc., an Agro Chemical l company which would later become the parent company of Haifa Chemicals, NaChurs Alpine Solutions and Plant Products Co. Ltd. With over 1000 employees worldwide, TRI serves the needs of agricultural businesses. In 2009 there was a trial involving Genger and TRI which created a controversial precedent relating to the preservation of records. The case itself is considered especially notable because it explores the issue of digital information and the protocol for securing it, a relatively new and uncharted area in the field of law. Genger was found in contempt, and he is currently appealing the verdict.

AGDB Holdings, LLC represents Arie Genger's newest business venture, taking advantage of his deep understanding of management principles and his ability to grow small companies. In this unique business partnership with investor RDA Ventures, AGDB Holdings seeks to acquire both small and medium size businesses in a variety of fields, but especially those that can take advantage of Genger's experience. The list of potential companies includes those with a healthy operating record as well as turn around opportunities.

In addition to his professional work, Arie Genger is also an active philanthropist. He created the “Genger Prize” which awards funds to schools who show administrative and pedagogical leadership. Genger also founded the Pinhas Riklis Memorial Foundation Prize at Bar Ilan University and was involved in the endowment for Rabin Chair at several hospitals in highly populated areas in Israel.

Arie was also the personal friend and advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The two met in 1973 and built a close bond that lasted over 30 years until Sharon’s health deteriorated in 2006. During Sharon’s post as Israeli Prime Minister, Genger was assigned to be his personal Emissary to the White House.

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"Good luck with all the new business ventures."   

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Helen Barry Rating Given: *****
"Very impressive business history. I worked with HCL in the past and wish you all the best."   

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