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Frederick Achom is a luxury branding specialist and the Founder and Chairman of the Rosemont Group, an offshore based private holding company.

Rosemont Group – General Information

The Rosemont Group was founded by Frederick Achom in 2003. With an established reputation for specializing in luxury goods and services, Rosemont Group has active business ventures in the UK, US, Australia, Italy and the Caribbean. Today, the holding company boasts businesses in the following industries: luxury restaurants, Italian kitchens, overseas property investments, UK land and property development, consultancy in sales and marketing as well as recruitment and telecom. Looking a head, Achom also hopes to expand the company’s reach to the United States and Asia.

The Bordeaux Wine Company (BWC)

The Bordeaux Wine Company is based out of London and managed by experts at both buying and re-selling wines for the purpose of mid to long-term investments. Especially with today’s volatile market, wines have gained a reputation as a solid investment. Frederick Achom has become a major shareholder of BWC and naturally has been appointed to Senior Partner. Through his involvement in the winery, Achom advises international clients on their investments.

The Crystal Members Club

Joining strategic forces with Lebanese-based “Circle Management Group”, Achom founded the “Crystal Members Club”, a private and exclusive members-only club that boasts membership of the world’s most elite members of society including royalty. In a short period of time, the Crystal Members Club has opened locations in the Middle East, China and Los Angeles.

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