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MyTruckJob/HRInterchange provides employment services to owner operators, company truck drivers, driving school graduates, and the road freight companies across North America that need to hire class A, class B, and class C licensed professional drivers.

We believe that our success is predicated on the success of the audience we serve. The core of the MyTruckJob service is our Internet matching platform allowing a commercial driver to create a profile for targeted distribution to our managed database of more than 17,000 carriers. By not charging for the employment "introductions" that other jobs services and newspapers sell, we are changing how employment conversations happen for the trucking industry.

Our mission is to serve up and build out the only frictionless employment market dedicated to the commercial freight business.

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"It's been a real pleasure working with Stan to bring the power fo reputation to If more people in the world were like Stan there would be a lot fewer lawyers. If you have the opportunity to do business with Stan Johnsen, take it! "   



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