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Sandra Meiner
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Coral Springs , FL 33071
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I found my passion and fullfillment in life by helping pregnant women and their families during pregnancy, labor and delivery and the postpartum period by being their DOULA. This exciting time of transition and birth itself is everytime a true miracle. I appreciate being part of this life changing event again and again.

I am a DONA certified Doula. Touched By An Angel Childbirth Services, Inc offers Labor - and Postpartum Doula Services, Comfort Measures for Labor Classes, Childbirth Education and Bellycasting in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale and Tampa Bay Areas.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Touched By An Angel Rating Given: *****
"In watching Sandra be a doula to someone, it is obvious she loves what she does. Any woman would benefir from her loving soft spoken nature."   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I have known Sandra her whole life.She is an exceptionally compassionate and caring woman.She is very sensitive and full of empathy.Calm and controlled,I know she excels in her dream of helping women deliver healthy babies,and will continue to grow in her accomplishments.She has an especially positive attitude that is contagious,and encourages those around her."   

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Heather Parker Rating Given: *****
"I met Sandra about 3 months before the birth of my son. We fit so well together and she made the experience very relaxing and comforting for me. I went through everything alone and only the nurse, Sandra and I were in the delivery room. Sandra was my entire support system and I could not have done it without her. She really understands body language and what you might need in terms of both emotional and physical support.

Sandra is the most loving person I have ever known and anyone would "   more...

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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"My parents found sandra while i was recovering from a c-section in the hospital after the birth of my twins. I had a very rough pregnancy and after the boys were born, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and could not imagine learning how to be a mother of two without some comfort, assistance, education, understanding and love. Sandra gave me (and us) all of these things. I wished that I had met her at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I am sure glad that we found her, and that she fo"   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
Environmental & Spiritual Consulting Rating Given: *****
"Sandra, both as professional and as a friend, indeed has the touch of an angel and I highly recommend her services as a Birth Coach to all those first time Moms who desire to give birth in a Natural and Loving Environment!

I sincerelly Wish that babies yet to arrive in this realm -have the awesome and magic experience to be loved by Sandra!

Wow, what a way to start life!"   



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