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Haslemere GU27 2DN
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Welcome to my profile!

I live in a small traditional english village in Surrey which has the compulsary pub, post office, church, pond, and cricket played on the village green. I have 14 neices and nephews at last count and being rather tall I get used as a human climbing frame and bouncy castle!!

In my dim and distant past (literally!!) I did an MBA at Cranfield School of Management and qualified as an accountant (FCCA). I consider myself a reformed accountant having had it kicked out of me at business school

I now help consultants, coaches, and experts to rapidly turn around their business fortunes via my Business Development Launch Pad service. Generally this means either generating new business leads or helping to convert business leads into closed business.

In just 2 hours (guaranteed) I help them define their niche and outstanding propositions, understand how to leverage their network and start generating leads. I then support them through the next months top ensure they convert leads into business and continue to build their business. For this service there is a one-off fee of just £500+VAT. I am able to keep the investment this low because I work very quickly!!!!

<b>Here are a few of examples:</b>
Dawn was spending a lot of time and energy networking. She was getting a reputation as someone worth knowing but did not seem to be getting any referrals to show for it. Within a day of starting the Business Development Launch Pad programme she received her first major referral.

Andy sells CRM software and was looking for business introductions. After networking for a year he had not received a single introduction and yet within 2 weeks of starting to work together he had received 14 referrals.

David runs an outsourced IT support service. His customers really value the service but did not seem willing to subscribe to monthly payments, preferring to pay on an adhoc basis. This made cash flow very unpredictable. Within just 1.5 hours we had a compelling way for him to sign up monthly subscribers and a whole new scalable value-added service that would enable David to grow his business much faster than he anticipated.

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Andrew Horder Rating Given: *****
"Richard is a very genuine and giving person, with a great approach to "soft selling" and storytelling in business that really generates results for people who don't enjoy selling in the "traditional" way"   


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Networking South Rating Given: *****
"Richard has proved to be a real asset as he helped me to resolve various issues that I faced in developing and moving my business forward. His 'soft sell' approach is totally inline with what I believe and does produce amazing results. It is rare to find someone who is both willing and able to help and also has an ability to get right to the heart of the matter."   


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Andy Coote Rating Given: *****
"Richard knows selling and he knows customer behaviours. Talk to him about Soft Selling - selling for people whoi don't like to sell - about storytelling in a business context or about propositions and he'll set you on the right track. I've know him for well over a year now and find him personable, always helpful and a delight to network with. Get to know him."   



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