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V.P. Specialties was a 16+ year old dream, before becoming a reality in May of 2002! Owned by Valerie Chesnut, who is a person of character, integrity, dignity and love for people, dreamed about this business for over 16 years! V.P. Specialties is living proof that all things are possible with God and that with God all things are possible! Valerie Chesnut, a Christian wife, mother and grandmother, spent most of her working career, prior to opening V.P. Specialties, nearly 4 years ago, in the sales and people industries. Combining her sales & management background with a detour to work for nursing agencies to provide one on one healthcare to dying people on Hospice at home, (as she felt led to do so), she later became a Family Service Counselor for a Funeral Home and Cemetery, which she did for a total of nearly 4 years, both in New Jersey and in Florida. As her 16+ old dream just never left her alone, finally, almost 4 years ago, while still helping families that had experienced a death or needed to make arrangements for an impending one, as well as wise folks planning for the inevitable, before a time of need propelled them to visit, Valerie opened V.P. Specialties. She nurtured her dream while remaining a Family Service Counselor, for just under 2 of the nearly 4 years that V.P. Specialties has been in existence. In March of 2004, Valerie resigned from her position as Family Service Counselor to devote herself to making V.P. Specialties a success, so that she could leave a legacy to her three children and currently 2 grandchildren, as well as of course, planting of seeds to further the causes in which she believes. Now she spends her time, not only furthering the success of V.P. Specialties, but has also opened an opportunity for others to achieve their dreams and goals, locally and she doesn't even charge folks for her coaching and guidance! In addition to folks that want to open a retail store, or already have one, and want to offer V.P. Specialties' awesome quality items, Valerie helps folks who are just looking to make an honest living working from home, setting their own hours, working at their own pace, or folks that want an extra income, but don't want to be committed to another "job". The types of people range from college students and housewives, to senior citizens just needing a bit of extra cash to make the last yards of their lives, just a bit more comfortable, and not having to go anywhere or invest anything (but time) to do it. (As you know, Social Security doesn't pay much!) The thing that every one has in common is that the products they are offering, sell themselves, and all they have to do is show them, however THEY CHOOSE to do so! V.P. Specialties has a brand new website design (Best Viewed using IE and Netscape 4 or later and is not compatible in 800x600 SR) and a brand new affilate program! View our Feedback from our auctions that offer it here....> www.vpspecialties.com/feedback.html
I am also a freelance graphic artist and webpage designer. I do mostly logos and graphics and templates. I don't build websites, other than my own though...sorry...no more time! :-)

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"I worked closely with VPSpecialties' Valerie on preparing my template for my auction sites and it was well worth it. She gave me a lot of interactive support and assisted me all the way from start to finish. She delivers what she promises and with a good attitude. "   



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