maria luisa kimura

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Kazuma Minami Sanchome
1-20 Copo-Stei 101
Ishinomakishi , 24 9860042
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iKarma Rating: 100%
Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"Maria Luisa is only one person who responds e-mails very quicly in a positive way with useful explanations and always our transactions go very smootly and very fast with her.

It`s pleasure to deal with her because of her positive attitude and trustful nature at Tell and Sell Japan."   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Viki Cody Rating Given: *****
"I bought from Maria Luisa on Tell and Sell Japan! It was a super smooth transaction!! I highly recommend buying and trading with her!!! I'm very satisfied!!!! "   


iKarma Rating: 80%
Len Bueno Rating Given: *****

Maria Luisa Kimura is a very professional in dealing with busines, an excellent & honest trader,

vendor and supplier. She is very quick to response on emails and queries, has an initiative and

open to suggestions and positive advise. Will not hesitate to recommend her to any trader.

I'm trading with her from Trade Me NZ."   

Tags: Retailer general merchandise Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Shaney Crawford Rating Given: *****
"Maria Luisa has been a member of "Tell and Sell Japan" ( since January 23, 2006. The moderators have not received any complaints about her."   



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