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Boasting nearly 25 years of experience in the private equity industry, Scott Lanphere serves as a Managing Partner of Aletheia Partners, a London-based private equity and financial management firm. Scott Lanphere attended the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University on a College of Business Administration Scholarship. While completing his undergraduate studies, Scott Lanphere began his career with an Associate position at Valley National Investors, Inc., the fund of funds and private equity arm of a bank in Phoenix, Arizona. Scott Lanphere conducted investment research with an emphasis on sectors such as high-tech manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and information technology. An important member of the Valley National Investors, Inc. team, Scott Lanphere also acted as an Alternate Director at investee companies’ board meetings, supported the company’s lead partner and his mentor in deal due diligence, and handled the financing and closing of several important transactions. In 1987, Scott Lanphere not only received a deferred acceptance from Harvard Business School, but also received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and parted ways with Valley National Investors, Inc. to pursue a career opportunity with Advent International Corporation, a Boston-based global private equity firm with offices in 17 countries. For two years, Scott Lanphere worked as an Investment Analyst with the company’s Industrial Group in Boston, Massachusetts, managing industrial sector transactions and sourcing deals in the environmental sector. Scott Lanphere enrolled at Harvard Business School in 1989 and helped Advent International Plc commence its London operations as a Summer Associate while working toward his Master of Business Administration. Following the receipt of his MBA with second-year honors in 1991, Scott Lanphere joined the firm full time in London, soon becoming a Partner and Director at the Advent International Plc office in London. Scott Lanphere held responsibility for identifying, initiating, negotiating, closing, overseeing, and exiting transactions in several industries, spearheading, co-leading, and supporting major deals in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and Italy. After more than a decade with Advent International, Scott Lanphere was recruited for a Partner and Director position with Morgan Grenfell Private Equity Ltd. in London. Scott Lanphere stayed with the company for almost three years before co-founding Aletheia Partners in 2002.

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