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Dr Maxwell Synsvoll
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Battleground, WA 98604
United States
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Currently living and working in Battle Ground, Washington, Maxwell Synsvoll practices wellness-focused healing at his centers, Synsvoll Chiropractic and Synsvoll Chiropractic & Nutrition, which he founded in 2000. In addition to providing chiropractic care, he and his staff offer instruction in corrective exercises, nutritional counseling, lifestyle advising, spinal and postural screenings, and physiotherapy. Maxwell Synsvoll and the Synsvoll Chiropractic team also host workshops on topics ranging from arthritis to nutrition. The differentiation of chiropractors, like Maxwell Synsvoll, from medical doctors lies in the practice of spinal adjustments that reduce the displacement of vertebrae and promote healing. Chiropractors apply a specific physical pressure, called an adjustment, to abnormally functioning vertebrae. The adjustment corrects position, movement, or both, which increases range of motion and reduces nerve irritation, muscle spasms, and pain. Maxwell Synsvoll has adjusted more than 120,000 spines in the 10 years since he opened Synsvoll Chiropractic. Maxwell Synsvoll’s whole-body approach to good health and chiropractic combines spinal adjustments with a variety of natural healing methods and techniques, including massage, trigger-point therapy, exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle changes that affect holistic health. Maxwell Synsvoll focuses primarily on removing impediments to better health, thereby allowing the body to heal itself from the inside out. He and his staff regularly treat many conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome, allergies, headaches, pinched nerves, and slipped discs in the back. Maxwell Synsvoll belongs to the Washington State Chiropractic Association and the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. In his free time, he enjoys yoga, hiking, investing, reading books by authors such as Ken Follett and Henry Miller, and spending time with his family. Maxwell Synsvoll also actively supports the Clark County Food Bank.

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