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Inde Consultants, Supply Chain Consultancy
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Chicago, IL 60007
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Richard Kropski has over twenty years of experience working in supply chain logistics operations management. This experience gives Richard Kropski a unique perspective on facilitating innovative approaches to complex business initiatives. Richard Kropski’s skills have focused around large commercial print manufacturing companies; in the past several years, however, Kropski has focused specifically on the supply chain operations across a broad range of industries. Richard Kropski currently serves as Principal Consultant for Inde Consultants. Richard Kropski’s qualifications are evidenced by his membership and leadership roles in numerous professional organizations. Richard Kropski is a member of The Logistics Council, where he is also Treasurer. He has over fifteen-years of service as an active associate and former Board Director of the Association for Postal Commerce and as a member and industry association representative on the Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee, where he served as chairperson on numerous sub-committees and task force teams. Richard Kropski is also a long-time member and former sub-committee chairperson of the IDEAlliance. Richard Kropski focused on business with his studies at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, where he earned a degree in Supply Chain - Materials Management with minor studies in Information Technology, after aspirations towards Political Science with Westmar College in Le Mars, Iowa. Richard Kropski began work at Alden Press Company advancing to the role of Vice President of Distribution & Mail Services. Richard Kropski held this position for six years before moving in 1992 into a position as Vice President of Logistics & Distribution at World Color Press Inc., where he remained until 1997. Richard Kropski worked for nearly two years as Director of Business Development & Strategy, where he also lead Customer Service and Postal Relations with one of the nation’s largest, multi-industry third party logistics services business, a division of R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company. In mid-1998 Richard Kropski joined the executive team at privately held printing company Perry Judd’s Holdings Inc. as Vice President of Logistics & Distribution. Kropski worked over five years each with both Perry Judd’s Holdings Inc. and at Arandell Corporation, where he served as Vice President of Logistics until 2009. Following a long career in the commercial print manufacturing industry, Richard Kropski sought out positions devoted to the broader field of supply chain logistics. He has since worked as President and General Manager of WIT Logistics, a third party logistics company, and as a Principal Consultant at Inde Consultants, a premier and leading consultancy firm in the logistics and supply chain industry.


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