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I live in San Diego. I am married to Stephanie Cunningham. We live in a condo we own in Little Italy. I play soccer, write, take photos and work a lot.

I am one of four founders of Red Door Interactive, an interactive agency in San Diego specializing in Internet Presence Management for mid-sized companies, divisions of large corporations and venture-backed start-ups. I was the Director of Information Strategy there. I kept an eye on technology and let our clients know how they would leverage it for their benefit.

For four years I was a board member for Mama's Kitchen, a non-profit that feeds people living with AIDS here in San Diego. I am back on the board, after a year's hiatus.

I am also on the board of PWI, Partnerships with Industry, a non-profit social venture that puts people with development disabilities at job sites around San Diego. They also fulfill manufacturing contract services for local industry.

I graduated from Ohio State University with a combined degree in Creative Writing and Photography. I did well there. I also went to school in Wales for two years taking IB courses and learning photography at the United World College of the Atlantic. I spent a year in Sweden, learning the language, studying psychology and economic history at Uppsala University.

Before starting Red Door in February of 2002 I was a Technology Director at the McQuerter Group, a PR firm in San Diego. Before that I was a Software Engineer at PBJ, a dot-com incubator and web development firm in Los Angeles. Before that I was a kid in college with ambitions to make movies and write books. Having taken my talents to the web instead I did business type things.

I co-founded the Emerging Wireless Special Interest Group at the San Diego Telecom Council. I also created and maintain the site Airshare.org which tells people how they can enjoy wireless internet access. I was also famous for a time for a site called Spoke-and-Axle.com which helped people cope with their own popularity by getting them free hosting from their peers. Every once in a while, you may see me speak on a panel at a convention. You may also read some of my articles on Internet technology in such magazines as iMedia Connection, Darwin and eBizq.

Being from New Mexico by way of Cleveland, I have an affinity for the Browns, the Indians and the Force. I also like road trips in my Mini.

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Andy Taylor Rating Given: *****
"He's a hell of a soccer player who can't help but have his good looks get in the way of being taken seriously."   


iKarma Rating: N/R
Shakhruz Ashirov Rating Given: *****
"Kelly is a very nice person and reliable partner to work with"   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Red Door Interactive Rating Given: *****
"Kelly always comes through on the impossible tasks.

He has a long-term view and is nearly perfect in predicting the future when it comes to the Internet and technology. He weaves difficult or vague concepts together to create a quilt of strategic vision.

He is an eloquent, colorful writer who inspires both those around him and like-minded people stretched around the globe. He is as altruistic of an individual that you will ever meet and pours his heart, soul and emotion into everythi"   more...

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