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FACT (Foreign Academic Consultancy and Training), a division of Gurukul (India) Ltd. provides educational and training services to individuals and institutions accross western India.

FACT, a division of Gurukul is specialized in providing guidance to the students wanting to pursue higher studies abroad. The services include training for entrance tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL & IELTS) and providing complete university admissions consultancy , which includes selection of country, program, university,funding options as well as provides student VISA guidance.

These services are provided through a network of 10 offices throughout western India as well as online. We also work closely with the educational institutions accross India to help its students plan a higher education abroad after high school and graduation.

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Shreya Mehendale Rating Given: *****
"Sunil Sir and the entire team at FACT have been a beacon through the entire admission and VISA process. The whole process has been a cake walk inspite of the initial few obstacles. Sunil Sir and Katre Ma'am have given me all the time in the worl with my difficulties and have been an excellent support system.
FACT probably does the best job at counselling and VISA training. Everyone in FACT is like a part of a big family.
Thank you Sunil Sir for helping me step up to realising my dreams. You'l"   more...

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Prithviraj Bhosale Rating Given: *****
"“You can call him without any hesitation even at 11:00 in the night if you have a query.”
The sentence says it all. Sunil Shah Sir has always shared a very special relationship with not just me, but all his Students. He is a person who will not only solve your education related queries, but also guide you at personal level. The comfort level he shares with his Students is really amazing. When I went to Shah Sir with my GRE score and told him about my Masters Program, without referring to any b"   more...


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Abhijit Ransing Rating Given: *****
"From calling 20 times when in need to none when happy. Yes, I know it may seem selfish. But Sunil Sir and FACT have taken it all in stride and helped me through thick and thin. And the most important thing was that his cell was never out of coverage or switched off, which inevitably would have lead to some excuse!!!!
Sunil Sir has given all the students of FACT all of his time when we needed it the most at the crucial times of the application process.
Katre Madam has been a prime support throu"   more...

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Abhishek Paranjpe Rating Given: *****

I was associated with FACT and Mr Sunil Shah for the purpose of getting proper guidance in pursuing MS course in Mechanical Engineering in the USA.

Mr Shah has thorough knowledge of the curent scerario regarding higher education outside as well as inside India. the faculty members working with MR Shah are skilled, professional and polite. Getting appointments and things like that was never a problem.

It was very reassuring to be in his company when at FACT. I had "   more...


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mohit singhania Rating Given: *****
" Sunil sir is the best choice as an advisor for your admissions to universities in US

I was really worried about my admissions in a good university and sunil sir was the only man who made it possible to have it in one of the best uniersity in US.i would like to say he is the man on whom students can blindly trust for their admissions.i would like to mention that he use to work on my documents even upto 3 o clock in morning

he is great man and a good friend to his students

thanks sir"   


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