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Erick Adams
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 Financial Advisor
1034 Fifth St.
Kiel, WI 53042
United States
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920-894-2383  Work
920-374-0758  Cell
920-894-4739  Fax
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Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I am excited that you have stopped by to find out more about me and the services that I can provide. First of all, I am married to Anne, my bride of 20 years. We have three children, Will, Jeanelle & Sarah. Before representing the New York Life, I was a Senior Pastor of a local church in Kiel, WI. I have a degree in Business along with two theology degrees. I have always loved working independently, whether it was in business for my self or being a Senior Pastor of a local church. Some people have asked why am I going back into the business world? The answer is that while I love ministry and will continue to be involved in church ministry I have always felt that the small business owner has always been an underserved and negelcted portion of our world. My goal is to come along side the small business community in our country to help them realize their dreams. Growing up in a family business I know the struggles and challenges the small business owner has. I bring my expertise and New York Life to every small business I work with. Let me know how I can come along side of your small business to help you reach your goals.

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"I received a call from Ericks wife after responding to a radio ad for health insurance for small business. Ericks wife Anne is very friendly and was a pleasure to talk to so after some evaluation of my needs she set an appointment for Erick to visit me at my house. Erick spent as much time as I needed during an evening visit to advise me on my options for health insurance. Some time after this Erick upon my request came to my house again to advise me on some life insurance needs based on a n"   more...



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