Pegasus Pointe

Jason Velazquez
Leasing Director
Industry Category:
 Real Estate
2635 College Knight Court
Orlando, FL 32826
United States
Contact Information:
407.384.6800  Work
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Pegasus Pointe
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iKarma Rating: N/R
Joyce Rating Given: *
" My daughter has not even moved in yet and already the problems have stated. How exactly do they pick your roommate? Nothing you have in common comes to mind. I think your odds of getting a roommate are better by throwing you name in a hat."   


iKarma Rating: N/R
miche isaac Rating Given: *****
"IF you're here to smoke marijuana or interesting in any other illegal drug cartel this the right place to live. but in the other hand this is not a place for those who are willin to learn or earn a degree."   


iKarma Rating: N/R
Matt Rating Given: *
"Horrible management, poor maintenance repsonse, and lack of security all combined to make this place one of the many anuses of UCF affiliated housing. The corpulent property managers favorite line is "theres nothing we can do about it" when you approach him with a problem, after getting the same response form his peons. Three of my favorite instances: had a dispute with my roommate, went looking for mediation with the resident counselor, he told me "nothing i can do about it." and what, pray tel"   more...



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