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Gary Wise is a 27 year veteran of corporate learning and performance consulting. His most recent corporate role as Director Learning Methods and Technology enabled a global diagnostic medical equipment manufacturer to successfully implement a corporate learning strategy that included LMS, CMS and Virtual Collaboration platforms. A scalable, global migration plan was in place when he resigned to form his own consultancy, Human Performance Outfitters, LLC.

Since October 2004, his Learning & Performance Consultancy has pursued a primary focus - assessment and mapping of Learning Readiness permitting organizations to prioritize and align strategic gaps specific to develop their own holistic Learning & Performance Strategy. His strength is bringing alignment to corporate visions and goals with three critical, interdependent sub-strategies of technology, methodology and people. These three elements are essential to establishing a culture of continuous learning and production of sustainable, measurable human performance outcomes.

His broad background allows him to act as an "outfitter" to clients requiring only the skills, knowledge, guidance, and tools to develop and sustain their own continuous learning strategy. Often, knowledge resources already exist in most organizations; they lack only the guidance and coaching by a seasoned outfitter to deploy and maintain their own strategy by learning to:
- Diagnose learning strategy gaps
- Identify critical business alignments
- Utilize the appropriate mix of technology
- Diagnose methodology and competency gaps
- Expand the collaboration footprint of the organization's human assets

Implementing a Learning strategy requires significant Change in many organizations. Gary is a proven Change Leader and utilizes a repeatable Change model to blend tactical management and strategic leadership to drive sustainable, enterprise-wide organizational Change. Once again, as an "outfitter", he equips organizations with skills, knowledge and tools to lead effective Change by leveraging a repeatable model that delivers consistency and effectiveness to Change initiatives regardless of scope.

The role his consultancy plays is often brief and targeted to preparing organizations to move ahead using their own resources. HPO's role is to ensure the "business adventure" is handled effectively and efficiently. Those two targeted outcomes combine to define his simple, succinct "outfitter's vision":

Carry only what you need to the top!

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