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Mason Bassuk
Mortgage Broker
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 Mortagage Broker
3944 JFK Pkwy Ste. F
Fort Collins, CO 80525
United States
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970-372-5818  Work
720-299-1788  Cell
970-223-3185  Fax
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Gibraltar Financial Group
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A native of the Colorado front-range, I moved to Fort Collins to pursue opportunities in finance and music. My career in finance began as a Personal Banker, and I quickly developed a niche for home loans. After three years of banking, I decided to move forward and become a Mortgage Banker for Gibraltar Financial Group.

My goal for every loan is simple: Educate the client about their mortgage options in order to make a well-informed decision. I want every client to feel confident they have found the best mortgage for their financial plan. All successful deals close in a timely manner and with piece of mind.

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Tom Stevens Rating Given: *****
"Mason got my loan loan done when no one else could. I own my own home today because of his talent and knowlage of the mortgage industry. He spent time with me, answered all of my questions and gave me the insight needed to help me feel good about the decision I made. Thanks Mason, I will be doing business with you in the near future.

Tom Stevens




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