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Hayman Private Equity Australia Pty. Limited
Chairman of the Finance Committee
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Boston, MA 02109
United States
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In 1985, Roland Bleyer received the honor of Knight Grand Cross with The Order of St. John, an international charity with volunteers and staff numbering more than 250,000 that provides health care, first aid, and support services in more than 40 countries worldwide. Mr. Bleyer’s distinction of Knight Grand Cross signifies that he earned the highest grade of seven orders of British chivalry and that he may use the title “Sir” before his name. Roland Bleyer also became a Knight of Malta with The Order of St. John and holds both honors for his commitment to charitable service. In the late 1960s, Roland Bleyer acted on his interest in hair and skin problems and became a specialist in trichology. He began working with an Australian clinic called Ashley & Martin, where he provided medical advice and treatment, and he opened a branch of the company in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1970. Eventually, Roland Bleyer opened his own trichology practice in New Zealand and then took over the business of his former employer. Next, Roland Bleyer branched out into investment interests in fashionable jewelry and its distribution, and he sold to New Zealand retailers. Mr. Bleyer also joined with another company with a venture into ladies’ fashion sales and manufacturing. Always the entrepreneur, Roland Bleyer added other businesses to his repertoire, including a gentleman’s club that offered meeting, exercise, and martial arts training facilities and both a metal casting and die-craft metal stamping business. In addition, he acquired multiple houses to rent out. Roland Bleyer left New Zealand in 1980 and moved back to Australia to open a clinic that specialized in scalp and hair problems, as well as cosmetic surgery procedures. Three years later, Roland Bleyer opened two more branches of the business and added operating rooms to all his facilities, along with doctors who practiced multiple types of cosmetic surgery. Roland Bleyer brought his business to the United States in 1987 and opened a branch in Westwood, California.


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