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"Bringing Communities & Businesses Together for a Better World" is the tagline for Harmony Unlimited, established in 1992. Harmony Unlimited's mission is to manifest environmentally, spiritually and socially responsible living through creations that awaken, inspire and educate.

As a consulting, marketing and publishing company we have held strong to this mission and consciousness raising principles, even when it was challenging to do so, and we are proud of our excellent reputation as an honest and socially responsible business. We value and honor our clients as intelligent business partners and provide services that best fit their needs. We are respectful of their time and money and know that good business karma is earned by good business deeds.

The principals for Harmony Unlimited are Cathy Washburn and Jeanne Coates. They are a dynamic team with the ability to successfully accomplish challenging tasks with creativity. Over the years they have developed a talented staff of professionals to fulfill the services listed below.

(Individual bios are available by request.)

Harmony Unlimited's services include:

Sponsorship Management

We work with companies to find events and activities in their local area that will connect them to their ideal customers. We work with non-profit organizations to find corporate sponsors (sometimes called partnerships) to help finance events or activities. We use our advertising and marketing expertise to match companies with events and organizations that meet and exceed their marketing goals. This gives companies excellent community visibility to their target market while providing an event or activity appreciated by the community it serves. We pride ourselves on creating win-win opportunities for our clients and having the relationships to place sponsors at the finest events in Hampton Roads, VA.


We custom design brochures, glossy & newsprint magazines, calendars, advertisements, and marketing materials that will enhance the image you desire for your company, event or organization. We design custom products and informatiive publications for schools, non-profit organizations, community and corporate organizations. Additionally, our experienced artists can design logos, business cards, marketing materials, sales sheets and print advertisements to meet your satisfaction.


We provide our clients with a full spectrum of marketing services. From coaching and consulting to design to full marketing representation, Harmony Unlimited provides personal service with a professional image. Our staff includes professional sales people, copy editors, graphic illustrators and designers and videographers that will show your company and products in a way to assure their notice.

Business Development

Our consultants have been helping companies set up operations fornearly a decade. We provide a coaching and consulting, in addition to business strategic planning services and operations setup. We can guide you from idea conception to the selling of your idea or company. We also work with existing businesses who wish to expand or improve their operations.

Process Improvement

Our staff includes industrial engineers with the knowledge and experience to analyze your current processes and provide improvements that increase productivity, customer service and the bottom line. Activity Based Costing, simulation, and task analysis are just a few of the tools utilized by our engineers.

Advertising Sales

We provide an independent sales staff for a variety of local and national products, both on long term and short term basis.

Our Staff

Our staff includes specialized services by graphic artists and illustrators, writers, researchers, scriptwriters, editors, marketing specialists, management consultants, industrial engineers, and award winning sales representatives.

Our Artists

Our graphic artists are very talented and have years of wisdom. They come from a background in advertising design and have worked with agencies and corporate marketing directors. These artists, who later added computer knowledge to the application of their art, produce truly original and effective marketing pieces.

We also have desktop graphic designers and typesetters for more basic design needs. With such varying capabilities, we are able to save you money by utilizing only the service you need. Our artists understand marketing concepts, balance and color to make your print product professional.

Our Affiliations

We work closely with film production companies, highly qualified local, regional and national printers, media partners and other businesses with special talents for specific projects.

Our Equipment

We use both Macintosh and PC computers and all of the professional design software including InDesign, PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and Quark. We have Adobe PDF Distiller which means we can send you proofs over the computer and nearly any computer can read the files.

We have customers all over the US and can have your product printed and shipped to you hassle-free.

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"Honesty and openness are sometimes undervalued traits - many would prefer to hide the past, rather than to allow others to freely and publicly record it for all to see. By creating an iKarma Profile, Harmony Unlimited Inc. has demonstrated a firm commitment to maintaining a responsible and sincere reputation online. Such people, both rare and precious, are a credit to both business and society.

We believe that integrity should be rewarded. The iKarma team is happy to welcome Harmony Unlimited Inc. to our service."   


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