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Mike Bennett
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 IT Computers Hardware
1016 S 21st Ave
Yakima, WA 98902
United States
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(509) 457-1151  Home
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I beileve in EXTREME customer service. I have been repairing computers for just over 18 years. I have an AAS in General Information Technology and years of hands on experiance. My customers are my advertising. I believe the job should be done right the first ime and if for some reason it's not, I will come back and do it again, for FREE.

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Ric Cole Rating Given: *****
"Mike has been my computer man for several years and I owe most of my computer knowledge to Mike.
.He not only has keep my computer running but each time we meet he teaches me something new, and
the ways to function better with the computer. ANYTIME we need Mike he comes right away and makes
everything work fine. We are very thankful for his services. I'm a happy customer who recommends him
to many others.
"   more...

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jo ann jenkins Rating Given: *****
"Mike Bennett has been consulting with me and advising me about computers since he installed my first computer (about 10 years ago). I have the utmost confidence in his abilities, knowledge and ideas.
His customer service is probably the most incredible of any business person I've dealt with. He's bright, competent, amiable, and available. I would never consult with any other business. Solutions Plus is the answer for me and all his customers, I'm sure."   

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Matt Anderson Rating Given: *****
"Mike has shown time and time again excellent customer service and outstanding work ethics. I have always vauled his advice. His knowledge of computers makes him the one that I send people to. For everything from custome built systems to software to system consultations...the best solution is Solutions Plus."   



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