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JUPITER, FLORIDA - April 25, 2006-- There is an old Japanese proverb that states, "If you want to know the character of a man, look at his friends." Executive recruiters and headhunters seem to be taking this advice to heart by using Internet search and detailed reference checks to uncover the "real" employees hiding behind each 'résumé.

Smart job seekers can take control of this situation by making their character and employment references easy to find, check and verify. New tools from iKarma Inc. give prospective employees the ability to gain a critical edge over other applicants. iKarma can now be used by job seekers to gather their references and display them online. This feature combined with new 'résumé display and distribution options help put credible references where employers can see them.

iKarma.com was originally designed for use by business people as a tool for building trust and reputation. Once established, a good reputation can be used as a powerful tool to increase sales and earn trust with prospects. "With new features released today, job seekers can now use these same tools to establish reputation and trust with prospective employers," says Scott Pitchford, President of iKarma.

The Bigger Better Deal.

Unemployment may be at a record low, but "Seventy-five percent of all employees are still looking for new jobs," according to the 2004 U.S. Job Recovery and Retention Survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management (http://www.shrm.org/). "Millions of currently employed people are looking for a better job and a bigger paycheck," says Paul Williams, CEO of iKarma. "So in many ways these job seekers actually represent our largest market. To capitalize on this, we've been busy adding unique features to iKarma designed specifically for this special group of users."

iKarma allows users to post their 'résumé as an online attachment to their profile page. iKarma users can then turn public display on or off with the click of an icon. iKarma then indexes these 'résumés and structures their layout so they can display prominently when employers search on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Another new iKarma feature is the option to make ones resumé available as a data feed to headhunters and job boards. Interested boards and recruiters can apply to receive these feeds in bulk, and/or grouped by keyword or tag. Tagged 'résumés will also be available as individual RSS feeds. This feature will enable HR departments and specialty headhunters to easily monitor the availability of iKarma users with unique and hard to find skills. This feature will also allow iKarma 'résumé data to be integrated into a variety of Web 2.0 mash-ups and online applications.

Good People, Good Business

In business, trust and reputation have the power to trump advertising and slick marketing. In the quest to find a job, trust and reputation can also trump education, experience and inside connections. Employers take a major risk when they hire. It's a huge investment of time and money to recruit, screen, interview, hire, and train a new person. According to some employment specialists, finding employees that "Fit" is their first objective. Smart people can be trained and people who are known to be hardworking and honest are more likely to mesh with existing teams. iKarma enables employees to expand their reference information far beyond the traditional request to "Provide Three References." iKarma reputations can provide employers with a rich detailed web of character information. This gives employers the kind of information they really desire and enables them to hire with confidence. This confidence can translate into higher pay, better perks and bigger sign-on bonuses. The combination of all these features make iKarma an invaluable tool for any job seeker.

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iKarma Inc. is a public company that trades on the Pink Sheets under the symbol IKMA. Based in Jupiter, Florida, iKarma Inc. specializes in providing reputation and customer feedback systems for businesses and professionals. iKarma's mission is to help create prosperity and commerce by bringing greater trust and openness to business transactions. iKarma is a proud member of WOMMA, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

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