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JUPITER, FLORIDA -- April 26, unveils new tools for business and group productivity.

New group features from iKarma Inc., (PINK SHEETS:IKMA) provide value to business or anyone working together in groups. Productivity skyrockets when people know their individual contributions will be recognized. Business productivity is enhanced when individual recognition is used as a tool to break through narrow job descriptions that cause individuals to view coworkers as competitors, rather than members of a united team.

The new Group feature at iKarma will allow individuals within any business or group to link and connect with each other for increased productivity. This feature allows a business to keep better track of employee value to the group as a whole. It also motivates workers by providing immediate and lasting recognition of their contributions and value.

Because iKarma also provides the ability to tag any review and to search using these same tags and keywords, this new feature will help create a group knowledge base. "Imagine your sales department needs some help with graphic design", says Scott Pitchford, President of iKarma. A quick look through the group reveals that Jane in accounting is a an expert with Photoshop. Problem solved. The knowledge base created by iKarma help locate untapped talent. The reputation manager allows that talent to be rewarded for providing assistance outside their primary assigned duties, and the whole group or business benefits as a result.

Integrate, Expand and Extend.

"Providing business with a logical upgrade path to more advanced services will be a primary component of our business model", says Paul Williams, CEO of iKarma. "As we grow and move forward, each new layer of functionality will add value to the service we provide. Our current free service gives us viral growth with minimal cost, while our growing database of users generates prospects for up-selling advanced fee based services in the future. We're very excited about our current growth and future opportunities."

"Trust and reputation are universal qualities that clearly benefit every professional, small business and corporation." Says Pitchford. "Now individual workers can benefit as well".

About iKarma, Inc.

iKarma Inc. is a public company that trades on the Pink Sheets under the symbol IKMA. Based in Jupiter, Florida, iKarma Inc. specializes in providing reputation and customer feedback systems for businesses and professionals. iKarma's mission is to help create prosperity and commerce by bringing greater trust and openness to business transactions. iKarma is a proud member of WOMMA, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

iKarma, iKarma, and various other iKarma domains around the world eReputation and are all service marks owned by iKarma Inc.

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