InformationWeek - 4/15/2006
Down To Business: Show Collaboration, Don't Just Expect It

"Collaboration and productivity apps are hot again, especially Web-based tools that exploit social networking, wiki, and blogging mania. A site called iKarma, for instance, provides businesses with "reputation and customer feedback systems," serving as an exchange for evaluating the trustworthiness of potential suppliers, customers, and partners."

Traders Trade - 3/8/2006
iKarma Offers Third-Party Customer Feedback

"There are lots of websites launching these days. Some experts believe we are in a new boom called Web 2.0. One new website, called iKarma, bills itself as "a third-party service for collecting, managing and promoting your reputation among your customers and contacts."

PBS - Mediashift - 3/7/2006
People, Trends and Tech on our radar

C|NET - 3/2/2006
Start-up lets sites track user karma

"Propelled by the idea that user rating systems like those on eBay and can benefit all businesses, a Florida start-up has launched a reputation management service that any Web site can use."

ZDNet - International Media - 2/6/2006
L’indispensable gestion de la réputation numérique

Resonance Partnership - 1/21/2006

"The iKarma system is an open system where comments and feedbacks regarding your business or service can be posted by clients and customers. You set up an account with Ikarma and can start rating businesses and services with a 1-5 star rating and open comments. The business or person that is written about can respond. iKarma takes your positive word of mouth and puts it into a form that you can use to build your business."

Word Of Mouth Marketing Association - 1/21/2006
How to Build a Great Reputation Online

ValueRich Magazine - 10/4/2005
Replacing Rumor with Reputation Online

"Finally, a Web site that tackles the fundamental problem for professionals and their customers on the Internet ... How do you know who you're dealing with?"

TechCrunch - 10/3/2005
iKarma Has Potential To Be Huge

"iKarma is an online feedback and reputation system that we've been kicking the tires on for a few days. While there are many closed, centralized feedback services that are quite useful (ebay's feedback, for instance), they are a part of the service they support and cannot be leveraged effectively outside of those services."

Search Engine Guide - 8/25/2005
A Few Questions with iKarma CEO Paul Williams

AME Info - 8/16/2005
Innovation and Imagination

"[iKarma] ... allows customers to award karma-points to individuals or businesses they have dealt with. iKarma describes itself as a "a trusted third-party service for collecting, managing and promoting your reputation among your customers and contacts." Anyone from realtors and doctors to plumbers and babysitters can be included."

Palm Beach Post - 8/15/2005
Web Site lets customers rate businesses - 8/9/2005
Preserving the value of a good reputation online

"Many experts consider online reputation management to be the key to the next major wave in e-commerce development. Online services such as, and established their successes in recent years upon their users' ability to leave feedback regarding their buying experiences - establishing product reputation and gaining the trust of new buyers. However, while current online auction-style services are ideal when selling hard goods in limited markets, they are poorly suited for the vastly larger service and information-based commerce segment doing business online today."