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Paul Williams (93%)


Thursday, August 04, 2005
Review #59

In 1998 I was asked to create an online stock brokerage for the investment banking firm I worked for that could directly compete with the powerhouses like E-Trade, Ameritrade and Schwab. As usual, I was given no staff, no resources and no funding! But it was the middle of the boom when such things were not uncommon and was born. Rob was my first and only hire. I had seen his work online and had watched as he brought together a group of talented designers across the world to collaborate on a flash art project he had created. His technical and design abilities impressed me as well as his ability to bring together and manage such a diverse team. I had the pleasure of working daily with Rob for several months. Together we created a graphic presentation of that enabled me to secure a commitment for an initial million dollars of funding. Rob was also able to mock-up all the features would offer into a flash presentation. This allowed us to economically see what would and would not work on the site and to further interest other investors. Working with Rob was a pleasure. His knowledge and skill crosses every boundary into all areas of online and offline media as well as photography, print and film. The value of having of such a multitalented individual to work with far exceeded the salary our meager start-up budget allowed. Alas, the boom ended before had its day in the sun. Investors disappeared and firms closed their doors, but Rob and I continued to work together on and off over these past few years and I’ve recommended him to both Family and friends. When we began work on iKarma, Rob was my first call. Rob created the iKarma tour that iKarma users see when they first visit He also created the graphics on every email and many other graphic elements you see on Rob is a valued member of our iKarma team and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.