Review About: Paul Williams


Scott Pitchford (100%)


Sunday, August 07, 2005
Review #91

Three and half years into a four year college degree in Biology, I decided I no longer had any desire to be the doctor that I had planned on being for many years. With so much of my college career devoted to Biology and now realizing that I would graduate with a degree that I would never use, I made a decision to start a new company. My only other specialty was working with computers. So with the web taking off, I decided that the web is where I should redirect my focus. That’s right around the time I met Paul.

At the time, he was the V.P. of Special Investments for a local brokerage firm. As soon as I met Paul, we clicked and I knew we’d work very well together. We began discussing what ideas we had and settled on our first venture “” It was a major challenge creating a message board system for over 8000 stocks, but we pulled it off. Just a small team on a low budget, but we were successful. Within 6 months, it had over 1,000,000 visits per month. It was immediately profitable, but as ad revenues decreased on the web, we eventually had to disband the site. However, I knew I had made a brilliant and inspiring contact that I’d know for many years to come.

Since then, Paul has worked with me on several other ventures and I’ve never met someone whose opinion I value more. He excels at everything he touches and works hard to insure that each business he’s involved with succeeds.

iKarma was Paul’s brain child. He truly lives by the values of the system he dreamed up. He believes in integrity, trust and honor and follows each of those values in his daily life. There are few people you can shake hands with and know what is agreed to will get done. Paul has always honored his commitments and been completely above board in all of his personal and business affairs.

Quite simply, there are few people who possess the character, strength and bright mind that I’ve observed within Paul.
Comment Good ideas are a dime a dozen. People with the ability and drive to turn those ideas into reality are the thing that's rare. The day we released iKarma, at least 10,000 people across the world read our news release and said, "Darn, I had that same idea!". What they didn't have and I did, was Scott.