Review about: Auto Trail Transporters

Rating: *
Author: J Hayden
Written On: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Please also be forewarned, Autotrail Transporters out of Bayville NY, also goes by the name of A Eastern Connect out of Jericho NY as well as V&C Warehouse and V&C Wholesale. I have done work for Autotrail, did it for over 10 years, I can tell you how they work but I would need to write a complete book. If you check out you will find most of the info you need though as well as They own NO trucks, all orders are brokered out to actual trucking companies. They have a clause that basically says they get $250 just for taking your call when you finally decide to cancel or if they cancel you on their own. Not a bad amount of money for just a few minutes on the phone. I suggest not even using them but if you are on of those who needs proof for yourself then please follow this advise: Do NOT ever give them a credit card # over the phone. Insist on getting the contract first and then READ it. Make back-up plans for when your auto is not picked up when promised.