Review about: Ken's Texaco Inc

Author: Elizabeth
Written On: Sunday, February 03, 2008

I thought I would give them a try considering they have the cheapest rates in town. Come to find out there is a reason their rates are less than the other auto shops in town. I took my car in because it was overheating. They told me it was the thermostat, which had just been replaced. However they assured me that was the only problem, and that it would fix the overheating. Later that day I picked up my car (which they assured was fixed) only to drive it home and have it overheat again. When I brought it back to them they told me it was only a loose hose, and that they tightened it and the car was “fixed.” Again once I got the car home it was overheating, so I had a friend look at it and he discovered that it was leaking out of a gasket and that there was probably never anything wrong with the thermostat to begin with. When I contacted Ken’s Texaco about this they were very deceptive and would not take responsibility for their mistake. I would not recommend them; they are dishonest and inferior mechanics.