Review about: Darien Eyewear

Rating: *
Written On: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i have purchased glasses from darien's twice. the first time the glasses were decent, affordable, however although they said one week, i ended up waiting almost a month to get them. they didn't offer any sort of discount, or even an apology for my inconveince. it was excuse after excuse, day, after day, after day. so, bad taste in my mouth but at least i saved $$$ in the end, right? a couple years later (last month) i went back in, needing another affordable pair of glasses. i picked them out, ordered them, and paid in full. was promised a week turn over. 8 days passed, no call. so i call, and am told shipment hasn't arrived. to try back tomorrow. the next day i get the same story. this goes on, with absolutely NO apology or explaination. Just, "we havn't received the shipment but we should by tomorrow". finally after 2 1/2 weeks of calling daily i go in and pick them up. she hands me the glasses and the first thing i notice is a scratch on the colored frames!!!! (not huge but very obvious upon a very quick inspection,) we both see it at the same time, and she grabs the glasses and says she'll give them a clean. she polishes them with a rag then hands them back to me with the unscratched side up.... (maybe she was thinking i hadn't yet seen the scratch or wouldn't notice!??) at this point i took them, said thank you, and left. after all, the biggest insult to a business is that you don't return again, right? i will not go back. 2 strikes is it for me,