Author: Natalia
Written On: Thursday, January 24, 2008

hi. my name is natalia. i used to work at carrolls iga, that is until a few weeks ago. me and two other coworkers got fired. heres the story. one monday night, we were leaving work. i got in my car and backed into one of the coworkers (dustin) car. mr. allen then left. well i was alone and so i called my boyfriend victor, also the other coworker. so me, victor, and dustin were all out there, and we got it all figured out. that means we were all GETTING ALONG!! the next day we all three got a phone call asking us to be there wednesday at 4:30. so wednesday we were all there and mr. allen called us to the back. he told us that he didnt feel that we could work together after what happened monday night. therefore we were terminated. we just got fired. now i want to prove three points. 1- he can not fire us for an accident that didnt even happen on the clock or while we were working. 2- another coworker said that me and victor got fired because mr. allen told them that we were together all the time and that when we were told to do something we didnt do it. thats a lie. victor works in the back and i work at the front. the only time i seen him was when i had to use the bathroom, crush a box or get the broom. the only time he ever seen me is if he had to put up signs in the windows up front, or if they were done with everything they had to do and they came up front to help bag. 3-we also were told that mr. allen wanted people who could hold up their end of the deal. okay..... i was an honest worker. a guy came in and asked for change for a 20. i gave him 25 back. i took a 5 out of my own pocket and put it in there so that the registers wouldnt be short. so in my opinion mr. allen puts up a front. he acts nice toward the customers but behind closed doors hes a backstabbing man.