Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to many of the commonly asked questions about iKarma below.


What is iKarma?

iKarma is a trusted third-party service for collecting, managing and promoting your reputation among your customers and contacts. By providing a central source for contacts to leave feedback about you and your services, iKarma helps you preserve a lasting record of your good reputation - giving future customers confidence and peace of mind when doing business with you.


Who should use iKarma?

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of iKarma. For professionals who regularly must prove themselves to new prospective customers, provides the third-party reputation record that prospects are looking for. Any business or person with an interest in their online social standing - doctors, realtors, plumbers or even the neighborhood babysitter - can promote their unbiased good name with iKarma.

Whether you're a multi-million dollar corporation or simply an individual seeking out new social avenues, using iKarma as your online reputation record can bring trust and confidence to almost any business or personal transaction.


How can I start building my iKarma?

iKarma is simple to use , both for you and your customers. After registering their iKarma accounts and selecting their level of service, most users begin by soliciting comments from their current and previous customers. This can be done via email, or by using one of our iKarma marketing tools to notify a larger number of customers.

Many users will then also return the iKarma by posting ratings and comments about their customers. If the customer doesn't yet have an iKarma Page, we make it easy to create an iKarma Page for almost anyone - and to be the first person to leave positive feedback, adding to the customer's iKarma.


Can I advertise my iKarma Page and Ratings?

Absolutely! When you register your iKarma account, we provide you with an iKarma Seal: a handy link to your iKarma Page that can easily be placed on your website, in your email signature, or on printed materials and correspondence of any kind.

With every email, website hit or business card, your customers and contacts will see your iKarma rating and can visit your iKarma Page. As your reputation grows, iKarma will lend powerful credibility to your services and your sales process.


How much does iKarma cost?

It costs nothing to join iKarma - simply sign up and create your iKarma Profile page. While the iKarma system remains in Beta release, the current service is available to all, free of charge.

In the future, paid service options will become available for very affordable monthly fees. The basic service, however, will always remain free of charge.


How is my iKarma Rating determined?

Every iKarma user who posts feedback to your Profile page selects an individual rating of one to five stars. Your overall iKarma Rating is the average rating you have received among all of your contacts. Reviews that you have written about others are not included in your iKarma Rating.


What does "Beta" mean?

The iKarma system is still being tested, developed and expanded. During this period, we are depending on your feedback to let us know how iKarma works for you and how we can make it better. Do you have any ideas? Click here to let us know!


Why do I need iKarma to keep my customer comments?

Using iKarma adds instant credibility and power to your business and personal references. Customers will know your iKarma rating and customer comments are real, and not just the comments of a carefully selected few. They will see that iKarma presents a comprehensive view of the reputation you have worked so hard to create and maintain.

In addition, by using iKarma as your reputation manager, you provide your current customers with an efficient and simple way of registering their satisfaction with you and your business. Knowing that providing a quality referral won't require an extended obligation on their part encourages more customers to provide referrals and testimonials - further enhancing your reputation. Likewise, customers are more likely to provide testimonials and positive feedback on a third-party basis that excludes the possibility of their words being manipulated or taken out of context.


But can't the occasional dissatisfied customer ruin my iKarma reputation?

Credibility works both ways. iKarma makes it easy for visitors to your iKarma Profile to judge a poster's credibility by allowing everyone to see other comments left by that poster about others. This diminishes the credibility of the few chronic complainers everyone encounters, which helps to further reinforce the integrity you demonstrate by allowing both good and bad posts and ratings.

iKarma also takes steps to ensure that anonymous posting is minimized by verifying poster email addresses and by recording the date, time and IP address of every feedback post. This limits the impact of the occasional undeserved negative posting.

Finally, you may directly respond to a negative post in two ways - through a formal challenge, and by leaving a public followup comment. Either action allows you to ensure that both sides of the story are told.


Is iKarma limited to business relationships, or can I leave personal comments?

Our philosophy is that the finest business relationships happen to be human as well. Feel free to leave personal comments as well as professional ones.


I've left a feedback post for someone, and now I want to go back and change it. Can I do that?

You may only post once for any given iKarma user, but you can change that
post at any time. Click "Setting", "My Reviews", and then "Reviews I've
Written". Find the post you wish you edit and click on the "Edit" icon in
the lower right corner. Make your changes, enter the verification code, and
click "Post Review" to save your new post.


What is a "human verification code" and why do I need to type it?

When you create an iKarma account, change your own information or leave a post on an iKarma user, you will be asked to type in a given verification code. This is the equivalent of an online signature, used to ensure that a real human being is making the request. We do this as a security measure to prevent someone from breaching the integrity of our system with an automated process of some kind.