New Features!


Business Directory

Now you can find a review local businesses. Are you a business owner? Claim it so that you can manage your online presence.

iKarma API

Use the iKarma API to use your reputation the way you need it.

iKarma Seal

You have an iKarma profile, you use it to gather references and feedback, but what good is it if people cannot find it? Give your iKarma profile greater visibility by placing an official iKarma seal on your site that will display your rating, image, and allow people instant access to your iKarma page.


Your resumé says a considerable amount about who you are, where you have been, and where you are going. Let contacts know where you went to school, what companies you have worked for, what other skills you posses. This information can often be the tipping point in deciding to hire someone for an important service or position.

Signature Wizard

An iKarma signature at the bottom of your email provides those you contact via email a direct link to your profile, making it even easier for someone to review you. Pick from one of the several formats available. As with most advertising, information is more important than bombarding people with obstructive images.

Contact Wizard

Importing your contacts is the quickest way to notify people of your iKarma profile, as well as a great way to get others on board. Your reputation isn’t the only thing that is portable with iKarma. Your contact list can be too.

Profile Wizard

This should be your first stop on the way to karmic glory. The profile wizard will guide you through the quick process of setting up your iKarma page with the information necessary to make the most of your reputation and online identities.

iKarma Groups

Combine your iKarma with others in a group!
Birds of a feather...should combine their iKarma. We see a correlation between trustworthy people and they people they do business with. Grouping together will increase the pool of potential customers, as well as help you keep in touch with people in your group.

Online Identities

iKarma offers our users is the ability to claim various identities from around the web. Are you a big seller? Do you have a blog on WordPress? Are you well known on LinkedIn? Have you already claimed your identity on ZoomInfo? This information could be of great value to anyone thinking about doing business with you. iKarma allows you to make a simple, but ultimately powerful message by listing your various web identities on your iKarma profile.


Tags are a very powerful tool to categorize your interests and services. When someone is searching for a new realtor on North Carolina a very quick way to narrow a search is to simply show people who have tagged both of those terms. Tagging not only makes it easier for you to find others, but for others to find you. Use tags well.

RSS Feeds

Enjoy up to the minute information? Want to embed your iKarma information on your blog? RSS feeds provide you with a clean way to embed your iKarma rating and profile link in your website or blog, as well as providing you with up to the minute information on your rating.