Help - iKarma Seal

The iKarma Seal is intended to be used on your website to let your customers see your reputation.

What does my seal tell about me?

The iKarma Seal displays your total rating and the number of reviews you have received, along with the current date and a security code.

What is the Security Code?

Each iKarma Seal is generated with a security code in the image. This security code aids the viewer in knowing that this seal is indeed current, and belongs to you. Security codes may be checked between the seal in question and the profile in question, to verify that your seal was indeed generated by iKarma and that no one else is using your seal for their gain.

Can I save and host my own iKarma Seal?

No. Each seal is generated and served real-time from iKarma. This is to prevent fradulent use of seals. You *could* save your seal image remotely, however, the date and security code will become incorrect within the day.