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Hi and thanks for taking a few moments to read a bit more about me.
This has got to be the Greatest Business in the World!
I live in a very small town in Michigan but I have the
Whole Wide World at my finger tips.
I can't wait to get up everyday and start working my Business.
How many people can say that?

I am an affiliate marketer and I also help local business owners create
an internet presence using Facebook.

What can I help you with?

Cindy Bolley
Skype ID abeque


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Len Borg Rating Given: *****
"So many contacts, that had to be something special and good, so I came upon your page. And I must say that I am impressed with your presentation. This proves once again that a good presentation is very important for further contacts. If your articles on your blog were not so catchy then I had not been reading more than just the headers of your article. You kept my attention now to the last."   

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Global NPN Rating Given: *****
"I am very pleased to be writing a review for Cindy Bolley. I know Cindy through our mutual association with crazy fox marketing group. She is a very helpful lady who is a great source of knowledge . She can give the best advice and she tells it how it is.

Cindy, may success follow you in all of your ventures. Best of luck you are certainly a great help to many . Please keep up the good work. I would not hesitate going into a JV with Cindy Bolley

Mitchell L. Curry
Skype ID Mitchell.l.curr"   more...

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Postee's Comment

I have enjoyed working with you Mitchell. Cindy

iKarma Rating: 100%
Steve Ward Rating Given: *****
"Cindy, thanks so much for your patience, help, persistence and advice. I find that your instruction is "all that" and much more. It is hard to find people in business that offer your level of support. I only hope I might be able to reciprocate sometime. It is certainly my pleasure to be working with Cindy in the CrazyFoxes Marketing Group promoting Veretekk and the New Plan Network (NPN), as well as Ultra International.
Thanks again Cindy!

Steve Ward"   

Tags: internet marketing mlm direct marketing Veretekk internet marketing training Cindy Bolley marketing training Steve Ward New Plan Network Veretekk 2.0 Detail

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Beverly Kennedy Rating Given: *****
"Cindy has becone a great friend and mentor of mine since I joined the Crazy Foxes Marketing Group in July 2008.
She is a very giving, loving and generous person, one who is usually quietly in the background, but there to help in a moments notice.
I feel very blessed to know her and to be a working associate of hers with the Crazy Foxes!

Beverly Kennedy"   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Sue Fleckenstein Rating Given: *****
"I am more than happy to write a review for Cindy Bolley. I met Cindy through Veretekk where she is an excellent trainer and then subsquently through $200 Blueprint and the Crazy Foxes marketing group.

Cindy is an invaluable professional trainer and is great at answering questions in a very clear and concise manner.

I look forward to working with Cindy in the future and tapping into her knowledgeable resources. I highly recommend any one looking to start a business on the internet to jo"   more...

Tags: internet marketing work from home Veretekk Cindy Bolley $200 Blueprint crazy foxes Sue Fleckenstein Detail

Postee's Comment

Thanks for the kinds words Sue, I am so glad to have met you and it has been a pleasure working with you. Cindy

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