James Glover

RBS Greenwich Capital
Managing Director
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West Harrision , NY 10604
United States
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James Glover worked for Greenwich Capital Markets Inc. (now RBSSI) as the firm's Managing Director of Middle and Back Office Support for over 20 years. In this time, James Glover managed a staff of over 80 people in various locations, taking on responsibilities in nearly every area of RBS Greenwich Capital's operations. Possessing strong experience in profit and loss (P&L) and hedge fund reporting, James Glover developed a cost-of-carry allocation and P&L reporting system, analyzed all hedge fund fees and expenses, and completed a daily NAV analysis for hedge fund entity reporting. Moreover, James Glover managed a daily funding of approximately $150 billion in assets, designing and implementing all net free equity (NFE) and duration reports, screens, and analysis for the front, middle, and back office. James Glover's responsibilities at RBS Greenwich Capital also extended to cash management and funds control. James Glover oversaw all wire payments and receipts, collected cash confirmations and settlements for U.S. and international activity, and conducted currency revaluation. James Glover is also a member of multiple industry associations, including the SIFMA Government Operations Committee, the Federal Reserve Board's 2004 Federal Open Market Committee, and the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) Conversion Committee, for which he presented conversion plans and guidelines to the dealership community. James Glover also enjoys coaching youth sports, including Little League, which he has coached since 1996, and basketball. A former Division III basketball player, James Glover now enjoys skiing, playing tennis, and canoeing. James Glover is an avid photographer and a participant in numerous charitable efforts, including Midnight Run and Project Mexico; he also serves on the board of directors of the Purchase School. A member of the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior in Rye, New York, James Glover is devoted to his children and hopes to pass down strong values to them.

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